St. Leon Armenian Church
Սրբոց Ղեւոնդեանց Հայոց Եկեղեցի
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Unpacking Hate
Love to Bake (pdf)
Fish Chips 2024
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SNS Summer Conf 2024
Val Day Dance
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Lenten Lecture Series 2024 (pdf)
Ara Dinkjian FLyer Updated (pdf)
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Winter Dance Flyer (pdf)
Children's Day Flyer (pdf)
Stone Candle Flyer
Mission Trip Atlanta
Dinkjian Event WG (pdf)
Artsakh Letter Matching Updated (pdf)
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High Commissioner Diaspora Affairs
Small State Strategies Flyer (pdf)
Volleyball Tournament
Monastic Life English (pdf)
Monastic Life Armenian (pdf)
Women's Guild Murder Mystery (pdf)
2023 Lecture Series (pdf)
Gomidas Choir Concert PDF (pdf)
Gomidas Choir Concert
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Heart Health (pdf)
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Armenia on the Brink
Terian Roundtable Updated (pdf)
Terian Roundtable
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AS Registration Form 2022-2023 (pdf)
Shushi Poster
Mens Fellowship Retreat
Holy Land Trip
Golf Outing Updated Over 70 (pdf)
Golf Outing (pdf)
Grey Wolves PDF (pdf)
Debunking Myths (pdf)
Picnic Flyer Updated 2022 (pdf)
Spring Soiree Updated (pdf)
Plant Sale (pdf)
Picnic 2022 Mailer (pdf)
Picnic 2022 Flyer (pdf)
Stained Glass Presentation (pdf)
WG Change in Pickup (pdf)
WG Buy While They Last (pdf)
Spring Soiree Flyer (pdf)
Restitution of Property (pdf)
Sarah Stites 2022 (pdf)
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SR Film Festival (pdf)
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Collections for Ukraine (pdf)
The Wanderer Playhouse (pdf)
Fish n Chips (pdf)
Background Artsakh (pdf)
Artsakh Appeal Letter (pdf)
Feast of St. Leon
2022 Lenten Lecture (pdf)
Hye Camp Flyer (pdf)
ACYOA Jrs Fundraiser (pdf)
ACYOA Seniors Super Bowl Party
Suzanne Kasabian Thank You (pdf)
Journeys of Heros (pdf)
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Armenian School Write-Up (pdf)
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Gate to Heaven Flyer (pdf)
Armenian School Flyer 2021 (pdf)
FF Flyer 2021 (pdf)
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Crisis in Armenia Part II (pdf)
Armenian School Awards (pdf)
Armenian School 21-22 Reg Form (pdf)
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A Master Plan (pdf)
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Picnic Flyer (pdf)
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Armenian School Genocide Event (pdf)
Bakalian Event (pdf)
Armenians of Aintab (pdf)
Genocide Commemoration Flyer (pdf)
Picnic Save the Date (pdf)
Fish and Chips (pdf)
Virtual Blessing Flyer (pdf)
Death Valley Event
WG Choreg Boreg (pdf)
Death Valley Event (pdf)
Assembly Flyer (pdf)
Resistence Network (pdf)
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Snack Drive (pdf)
St Leon - Wire and Stock Transfer Instructions (pdf)
5050 Raffle 2021
SNS Winter Conf Flyer 2020 (pdf)
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Baghaj Sale (pdf)
Artsakh Class Press Release (pdf)
Artsakh Conflict Classes (pdf)
Gata for Artsakh.PDF (pdf)
Aerobic Fundraiser (pdf)
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Genocide Memorial 2020
Evas Collection (pdf)
Food Drive Article (pdf)
FF Flyer 2020 (pdf)
Bishop's 5K (pdf)
Armenian School 20-21 Reg Form (pdf)
Labor Day Raffle Letter (pdf)
Food Pantry Donation (pdf)
Evas Clothing Donation (pdf)
New Class - Press Release (pdf)
New Class - Flyer (pdf)
Food Collection Article (pdf)
Racism Class Flyer (pdf)
Racism Class (pdf)
Reopening of Church (pdf)
Food Pantry (pdf)
Names Monuments Racism (pdf)
Course Description (pdf)
Dn. Levon Short Bio
Racial Injustice and Responsibility Press Release (pdf)
SR Film Festival Flyer (pdf)
Pinajian Jebejian COVID (pdf)
Racial Injustice and Responsibility (pdf)
Jinivizian Kasaryan COVID (pdf)
COVID Ishkanian Hamparian (pdf)
ESTHER Sight and Sound (pdf)
Tossounian Takvorian Covid 19 (pdf)
Nurses Covid (pdf)
schedule (pdf)
Badach Family COVID Statements (pdf)
flyer (pdf)
daily schedule (pdf)
Week 6 Schedule (pdf)
Week 6 Flyer (pdf)
Flyer (pdf)
Daily Schedule (pdf)
Screening of YEVA (pdf)
Chhanges Genocide Commemoration (pdf)
Week 4 flyer (pdf)
Week 4 Schedule (pdf)
Week 3 schedule (pdf)
Week 3 flyer (pdf)
week 2 schedule (pdf)
week 2 flyer (pdf)
Fr. Diran Meditation
Virtual Programming Schedule (pdf)
Virtual Programming Flyer (pdf)
valentines party acyoa juniors (pdf)
Motherland pdf (pdf)
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Lenten Lecture 2020 (pdf)
Super Bowl 2020
WCIT pdf (pdf)
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Raffle Letter 2019 (pdf)
Raffle Flyer 2019 (pdf)
Gift of Stock (pdf)
Onnik Dance PDF (pdf)
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Orthodox Concert PDF (pdf)
Orthodox Concert JPG
Tarpinian PDF (pdf)
Tarpinian JPG
Highland PDF (pdf)
Highland JPG
SOLD OUT Flyer PDF (pdf)
FF Prep PDF (pdf)
FDB 20th Luncheon Flyer 2 PDF (pdf)
FDB 20th Luncheon Flyer 2 JPG
Concelebration Flyer JPG
Concelebration Flyer 2019 (pdf)
Concelebration Flyer (pdf)
FF Updated v3 PDF (pdf)
FF Updated v3 JPG
FDB 20th Luncheon Flyer JPG
FDB 20th Luncheon Flyer (pdf)
FF Updated Flyer 2019 JPG
FF Updated Flyer 2019 (pdf)
FF Raffle Sponsor 2019 (pdf)
Soles For Souls Flyer (pdf)
Heghnar PDF (pdf)
Heghnar JPG
Golf Sponsor Form (pdf)
2019 Golf Outing PDF (pdf)
Taner Akcam PDF (pdf)
Taner Akcam JPG
Kemal Yalcin Presentation JPG
Kemal Yalcin Presentation (pdf)
V Rev Fr Harutyun Damadyan Bio (pdf)
FDF Liturgy May 18 (pdf)
Holy Week 2019 Schedule
Palm Sunday Flyer 2019 (pdf)
SR Festival PDF (pdf)
SR Festival JPG
Lenten Lecture PDF (pdf)
Lenten Lecture JPG
Tachjian PDF (pdf)
Tachjian JPG
Kalfayan PDF (pdf)
Kalfayan JPG
Resolution with Justice PDF (pdf)
Resolution with Justice JPG
Enduring Legacy PDF (pdf)
Hayko Bagdat PDF (pdf)
Hayko Bagdat JPG
ACYOA Jr Manti Sale (pdf)
Xmas Brunch JPG
ASP Flyer 2019
Xmas Brunch Mens Fellowship (pdf)
Super Bowl (pdf)
Spitak Movie Flyer (pdf)
Onnik PDF (pdf)
Onnik jpeg
Armenian Legionnaires PDF (pdf)
Armenian Legionnaires JPG
WG 90th Article PDF (pdf)
Mt Everest JPG
Mt Everest Flyer (pdf)
Demoyan Event (pdf)
Demoyan Event JPG
100 Year of Activism JPG
100 Years of Activism (pdf)
Volleyball Tournament 2018 (pdf)
Springsteen Flyer (pdf)
Secret Nation JPG
Umit Kurt JPEG
Ancient Coins JPEG
Umit Kurt Heroic Battle (pdf)
Coin Presentation (pdf)
FF Sponsorship Letter 2018 (pdf)
FF Prep Schedule 2018 (pdf)
FF Flyer 2018 JPG
Velvet Revolution PDF Updated (pdf)
Velvet Revolution JPG Updated
Diocesan Council Development Statement (pdf)
Velvet Revolution PDF (pdf)
Velvet Revolution JPG
women's guild 90th jpeg Revised Again
women's guild 90th jpeg Revised
CASP Flyer (pdf)
2018 Picnic Flyer -Updated JPG
2018 Picnic Flyer - Updated PDF (pdf)
Picnic Flyer 2018 JPG
Picnic Flyer 2018 (pdf)
CPR Class (pdf)
Akcam PDF (pdf)
Akcam JPG
Hye Tea 2018 (pdf)
AKB Easter Message 2018 (pdf)
Holy Week jpg
Holy Week Service Schedule (pdf)
Ani Jaws pdf (pdf)
Ani Jaws jpg
Palm Sunday Flyer (pdf)
Varujan PDF (pdf)
Varujan JPG
Movies JPG
Movie PDF (pdf)
Community Istanbul PDF (pdf)
Community Istanbul JPG
Forgotten Defiance PDF (pdf)
Forgotten Defiance JPG
Saintly Women's Day 2018 (pdf)
Elvis at Mount Airy (pdf)
The Gambler PDF (pdf)
The Gambler JPG
Last Inhab PDF (pdf)
Last Inhab JPG
Lenten Lecture Series 2018 Pic
Lenten Lecture Series 2018 (pdf)
Tribute Sinatra Womens Guild (pdf)
ASP Flyer
ASP Application (pdf)
Juniors Regional Retreat Packet (pdf)
Juniors Regional Retreat Flyer (pdf)
PreK - 4 Schedule SS (pdf)
SS Grades 5-11 (pdf)
Onnik Dance Flyer 2017 JPG
Super Bowl 2018 Flyer (pdf)
Intent to Destroy PDF (pdf)
Intent to Destroy JPG
Children of Vank PDF (pdf)
Children of Vank JPG
Onnik Dance Flyer 2017 (pdf)
Workshop Armenian Lit Markarian PDF (pdf)
Workshop Armenian Lit Markarian JPG
Hayr Anania Biography PDF (pdf)
Goodbye Antoura PDF (pdf)
Goodbye Antoura JPG
ACYOA Srs Volleyball Tournament Nov 2017 (pdf)
FF 2017 Flyer JPG
FF 2017 Flyer (pdf)
FF Schedule (pdf)
Women of 1915 UPDATED PDF (pdf)
Women of 1915 UPDATED JPG
Genocide in the Ottoman Empire PDF (pdf)
Genocide in the Ottoman Empire JPG
Women of 1915 PDF (pdf)
Women of 1915 JPG
Sunday School 2017 Volunteer Form (pdf)
Sunday School 2017 Registration Form (pdf)
Jr SW Donation Form 2017 (pdf)
Diocese Jerusalem 2018 Flyer (pdf)
Beefsteak Dinner WG (pdf)
ACYOA Jr SW Housing Request (pdf)
Sunday School Awards 2017 (pdf)
Bishop Vahan Eulogy Dn Charles
Forced Into Genocide - Updated JPG
Forced Into Genocide - Updated (pdf)
Sandra Shahinian Leitner - Diocesan Assembly Award Speech (pdf)
2017 Picnic Flyer JPG
Workshop in Armenia PDF (pdf)
Workshop in Armenia JPG
Perpetrators Other Actors Motives PDF (pdf)
Perpetrators Other Actors Motives JPG
2017 Hye Tea
They Shall Not Perish
2017 Picnic Flyer (pdf)
Workshop in Armenia
Forced Into Genocide
Workshop in Armenia (pdf)
Forced Into Genocide (pdf)
AAHPO Lecture May 19 (pdf)
WG Easter Fundraiser (pdf)
SW Donation Form (pdf)
DA Booklet Donor Form (pdf)
Socially Relevant Films
FDF Sermon Feast of St Leon 2017
CIA WG Culinary Event (pdf)
Lenten Lecture Series 2017 (pdf)
Summer Camp Flyer (pdf)
ACYOA Jrs Valentines Day Dance (pdf)
Super Bowl Flyer 2 (pdf)
Diaspora Armenia Jan 19 (pdf)
ACYOA Seniors Super Bowl Flyer (pdf)
Fr Simeon Odabashian Sermon January 5 2017
Sold Out- Armenian Christmas Dance with Onnik Dinkjian and John Berberia... (pdf)
Sold Out- 2016 Annual Armenian Christmas Dance @ St. Leon
50 RAFFLE2 (pdf)
ACSA Schedule (pdf)
Bishop Vahan Sermon 11-13-2016
Armenian Christmas Dance with Onnik Dinkjian and John Berberian @ St. Le... (pdf)
Armenian Christmas Dance with Onnik Dinkjian and John Berberian @ St. Le...
Taner Akçam Flyer
Taner Akcam Flyer (pdf)
New Docta Concert Flyer
New Docta Concert Flyer (pdf)
St. Leon Blood Drive Nov 6 2016 (pdf)
2016 Military Bridge Flyer (pdf)
2016 INFOEXPO (pdf)
2016 Schedule of Events v6 (pdf)
EXPO Flyer7 (pdf)
Intermediate Armenian Flyer for Sessions 1 and 2, Fall 2016 (pdf)
Flyer-SCOOCH-Concelebrated-Liturgy-NY-page-001 (pdf)
Richard Hovannisian presents Musa Dagh-Dort Yol-Kessab @ St Leon on October 14, 2016 (pdf)
Sponsorship v7 (pdf)
St Leon Food & Arts Festival Kitchen Schedule 2016 v8 (pdf)
2016 Schedule of Events v5 (pdf)
2016 Schedule of Events v4 (pdf)
St Leon Food & Arts Festival-Save the Date-v7 (pdf)
2016 Schedule of Events v3 (pdf)
Garo Paylan presents Turkey and the Armenians @ St Leon on Monday, Octo...
GARO PAYLAN presents TURKEY AND THE ARMENIANS @ St. Leon on Monday, Oct... (pdf)
100YearWalkPoster (1)
100YearWalkPoster (1) (pdf)
FINAL Sept 30 Medical Workshop Flier (pdf)
Sponsorship v6 (pdf)
2016 FF Volleyball Tournament Registation (pdf)
2016 FF Basketball Tournament Registation (pdf)
St Leon Food & Arts Festival-Save the Date-v6 (pdf)
2016 StG PICNIC Save The Date -052316 (pdf)
Conflict Specialist Tatul Hakobyan @ St. Leon on Tuesday, September 13, ...
Conflict Specialist Tatul Hakobyan @ St. Leon on September 13, 2016 (pdf)
St Leon Food & Arts Festival Kitchen Schedule 2016 v7 (pdf)
St Leon Food & Arts Festival Sponsorship v4 (pdf)
St Leon Food & Arts Festival Sponsorship v3 (pdf)
St Leon Food & Arts Festival v4 (pdf)
St Leon Food & Arts Festival Sponsorship v2 (pdf)
St Leon Food & Arts Festival Kitchen Schedule 2016 v5 (pdf)
2016 word golf flyer (pdf)
Ordination Flyer (pdf)
Sacred Justice_Author Event_8 5x11 (pdf)
Picnic Sponsorship (pdf)
Hantes and Graduation (pdf)
Kebab and Kef (pdf)
Tsirani Ensemble @ St. Leon on Friday, May 13 (pdf)
2016-times-square-flyer (pdf)
The Armenian in Modern Turkey by Talin Suciyan @ St Leon on April 22, 2... (pdf)
DH_Flyer8.5x11_V3 (pdf)
Easter Schedule-page-001
Easter Schedule (pdf)
Open Wounds (pdf)
Lenten Luncheon 2016 (pdf)
Fish and Chips (pdf)
Craft (pdf)
Sold Out- 2016 Annual Armenian Christmas Dance @ St Leon (pdf)
9th Annual Xmas Party Icon
9th Annual Xmas Party Flyer (pdf)
St Leon Festival Kef Dance (pdf)
2015 FF Basketball Tournament Registation2 (pdf)
Film Festival (pdf)
Scout Tufankjian (pdf)
St Leon Food & Arts Festival-Save the Weekend (pdf)
2015 FF Volleyball Tournament Registation (pdf)
2015 FF Basketball Tournament Registation (pdf)
2015-09-06-Bulletin-Letter2 (pdf)
FF Kitchen Schedule Invite (pdf)
St_Leon_Food_and_Art_Festival_Oct_16_17_18_2015 (pdf)
Sponsor Flyer (pdf)
2015_Golf_Flyer (pdf)
2015 Picnic Sponsorship Letter Form (pdf)
Eric Bogosian presents Operation Nemesis @ St. Leon on May 28, 2015 (pdf)
Eric Bogosian presents Operation Nemesis @ St. Leon on May 28, 2015
2015 Picnic Flyer (pdf)
2015 Picnic Flyer
Blood Drive 11-16-14
Holy Week 2015 (pdf)
Holy Week 2015
Fish N Chips Dinner (pdf)
Fish N Chips Dinner
Palm Sunday
Turkey and the Armenian Ghost @ St. Leon on March 17, 2015 (pdf)
Turkey and the Armenian Ghost @ St. Leon on March 17, 2015
Historic Armenia after 100 Years @ St. Leon on March 11, 2015 (pdf)
Historic Armenia after 100 Years @ St. Leon on March 11, 2015
GenocideEmblemExplanationFlyer (pdf)
Lenten Luncheon March 15 2015 (pdf)
Lenten Luncheon JPEG
Registration Form- The Armenian Genocide-A Comparative Perspective (pdf)
The Armenian Genocide- A Comparative Perspective (pdf)
Kristopor Cara-Murza Presentation @ St. Leon on February 19, 2015 (pdf)
Hogwash flyer (pdf)
Hogwash flyer
The Houshamdayan Project @ St. Leon on January 23, 2015
Tevanik @ St. Leon on January 15, 2015
Screening of Tevanik @ St. Leon on January 15, 2015 (pdf)
Houshamadyan Presentation @ St Leon on January 23 2015 (pdf)
Pages from 2014-2015 Theophany Season
2014-2015 Theophany Season (pdf)
2014 Christmas Raffle Letter (pdf)
St Leon Parish Christmas Flyer 2014 (pdf)
St Leon Parish Christmas Flyer 2014
OrphansSaintLeonChurch (pdf)
Ordination 30 Nov 2014 (pdf)
HealingHeartsFlyer3 (pdf)
100 Years of Rebuilding (pdf)
100 Years of Rebuilding- Registration Form (pdf)
Karine Poghosyan Performs Remembrance and Rebirth @ Saint Leon (pdf)
Journey Into the Past- An Illustrated Presentation by Richard Hovannisian on Armenian Kesaria and Western Asia Minor (pdf)
George Bournoutian, Russo-Iranian Relation and the Formation of Modern Armenia @ St. Leon on October 17, 2014 (pdf)
Composer and Musician Marc Sinan Presents Komitas-A Multimedia Journey @ St. Leon on October 10, 2014 (pdf)
StLeonFoodandArtsFestival2014withEvents (pdf)


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